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Step into the Running Lab at Mediatrix Centre, Qormi – your destination for innovative 3D Motion Capture and Biomechanical Profile Analysis. Our advanced technology is designed to scientifically assess your running and walking patterns, providing valuable insights for identifying pain, preventing injuries, and optimizing your overall performance.

By learning the correct running technique, you can achieve a more efficient and enjoyable running style while significantly reducing the risk of injury. Regardless of your age or running experience level, our dedicated team at The Running Lab is here to assist you in your improvement journey.

If you are keen to gain valuable insights into both your running and walking techniques, enhance your overall experience, address existing pain, and reduce the risk of future injuries, we welcome you to our Lab. Our expert team is ready to provide a comprehensive assessment tailored to your unique needs!

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Our team

  • Ms. Deborah Debono portrait

    Ms. Deborah Debono


    Deborah Debono is the lead physiotherapist spearheading The Running Lab at the Mediatrix Podiatry Centre, in Qormi, forming part of Mediatrix Health & Beauty.

    A 2015 graduate of the University of Malta, Deborah earned her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy. Following her Bachelors, she became a state-registered physiotherapist, and has been gaining experience within various health services including acute care, musculoskeletal care, rehabilitation, eating disorders and older adults care - a testament to her unwavering commitment to holistic well-being.

    Fuelled by her passion for motion analysis, she further pursued her studies at the University of Malta, where she achieved her Masters in Clinical Biomechanics in 2022. Deborah's passion resonates deeply with body biomechanics, where movement and pain intertwine. Armed with specialized training in gait and movement analysis, she brings an exceptional level of expertise to her role.
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  • Dr. Stephen Mizzi portrait

    Dr. Stephen Mizzi

    Stephen is an accomplished podiatrist whose career spans more than two decades. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Podiatry from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh) in 2000, marking the beginning of his journey in the field.

    During his 13-year tenure with the National Health Service, Stephen focused on advancing his expertise. He earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Podiatric Surgery (Theory), followed by a Masters Degree in Podiatry from the University of Brighton (UK) in 2008, further enhancing his knowledge and clinical skills.

    With dedication and hard work, Stephen successfully defended his doctoral thesis and was awarded his PhD from Canterbury Christ Church University (UK) in March 2017. Throughout his career, Stephen has been actively engaged in clinical practice, making significant contributions to patient care. With over 23 years of private practice experience, he has attended to a diverse range of patients, consistently delivering the highest quality of care. Stephen is also a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).
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“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding physiotherapy and podiatry services you provided me at The Running Lab. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful experience you offered during our sessions. Your professionalism and attention to detail were truly commendable. From the initial testing procedures to the comprehensive explanations of each step, I felt both informed and confident in the treatment plan you devised for me. Your dedication to my recovery journey, including the meticulous construction of custom-made insoles based on the insights from your tests, has been invaluable.”

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Daniel Caruana Mansueto
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